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Indcar will be present at Busworld Europe 2019


Indcar will not miss the most important event of the sector, which this year as a novelty will be held in Brussels.

In Busworld, Indcar will participate with its own stand in hall 5. There, it will present the novelties in all the product segments. The appointment will take place from October 18 to 23, 2019.


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Alsa Group receives 3 units of the Strada M2 model


Strada M2 is the smallest minibus of Indcar’s range. Built on a chassis of the new Mercedez-Benz Sprinter, the Strada M2 is elegant and designed for VIP services. It has 9 seats and high range finishes: leather seats, screens, wooden floor, LED lighting

These units will provide VIP services within Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport in Madrid.


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Indcar presents the Strada e-City Low Entry to the Minibus Euro Test


During the last 10 and 11 of April it took place in Ifema the second edition of Minibus Euro Test. Indcar participated once again displaying the single electric traction vehicle of the competition.

This year the jury has chosen the urban segment. Five vehicles of Iveco, DAF, Ferqui, Mercedes-Benz and Indcar brand participated.

The jury appreciated very positively the technology and autonomy of the Strada e-City. It stood out the fact that it is a completely European development project. Other aspects such as the versatility of the vehicle, the easy maintenance an its lightweight were also very commented.

Indcar strengthens its commitment to this model, which in a few weeks will start the real test with passengers in Barcelona.


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INDCAR delivers 5 minibuses for TITSA


It involves 5 units of the Next L8 model for the interurban transport within the Tenerife island.

The vehicles are adapted for PRM through the ramp of the second door. Moreover, they have sound security systems for blind persons. The vehicles are equipped with seats with USB input, luggage rack, air conditioning, trunk of 5.6 m3,….Built on a Mercedes-Benz Atego 1024 chassis, it is a vehicle with capacity for 27 seats + 1PRM

Titsa is the company in charge with the public transport in Tenerife island. With more than 30 years of history, it is a national benchmark as regards the collective public transport.

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Chiriatti acquaires a Next L8 built in a Mercedes-Benz chassis.


Indcar Italy has delivered a Next L8 to Chiriatti. This version is built in a Mercedes Benz Atengo chassis. It has 29 seats and extra large boot and high quality materials. The coach-style design and the high comfort for the passengers are the most outstanding features of the Next model, which in the Italian market is having a very good reception.

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Autocares Cabranes acquires its first Next Indcar.


The first units of Indcar’s Next are leaving the factory. One of the first companies that added an Indcar Next to its fleet has been the Asturian company Autocares Cabranes. It is a vehicle designed entirely by Indcar, which means that not only the bodywork but also the driving area were designed to offer a vehicle of integral design that eases its maintenance and operation.

This Next was built up starting from a DAF chassis without cabin. It has a TELMA electric brake, LED lighting, and in addition, thanks to its high isolation, the engine is not noisy.

Autocares Cabranes has defined a distribution of 33 seats + driver and two tables, with Premium finishing and leather seats. The security, reliability and low consumption were the main factors for choosing Indcar’s Next.

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A Next L9 for Franch Autocars


Franch Autocars adds an Indcar Next L9 to its fleet. The vehicle, built on a Mercedes Benz Atego chassis, has a capacity of 37 seats + driver. The vehicle has an automatic gear shift, air conditioning, audio and video equipment, original signage and seats upholstered with synthetic leather and trim.

Franch Autocars has chosen a Next model for its high efficiency and engine power, its elegant interior and ergonomic space for the driver. This model suits perfectly the high range fleet that Franch Autocars offers to its clients.


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A Wing in the Iveco Conference organised by Talleres Garrido


On March 13 and 14, the Iveco Alicante Conference was held, organized by Talleres Garrido in Alicante, Spain. During the day, customers from the areas of Alicante, Murcia and Albacete could see and try an Indcar Wing L8.5.

The Wing is the reference minibus in Europe. In 2018 two new versions were launched, L8 and L8.5, with more passenger capacity, more boot space and greater comfort for both passengers and driver.

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Nexobus publishes an interview with Gaël Queralt in its special number 200


In the interview, the CEO of Indcar presented the news for 2019 and the forecasts for this sector for the following 5 years. Among other issues, the CEO underlined the favourable evolution of the company and the development on international markets such as Italy and Central Europe. 

Once with the publication of number 200 of its edition, Nexobus launched a special one with a lot of interviews with important figures in the field.

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INDCAR attends the XVIII Congress on Transport in Andalucia


This congress organized by APETAM and FEDINTRA is being held today and yesterday. INDCAR strengthens its presence in the Andalusian territory, where it has important clients and collaborators

 In the exhibition area, visitors can see first-hand a Wing L8.5 model and a Mago2. The Wing L8,5 is characterized by its large interior space, offering more comfort for the passenger, a bigger space between seats and a wider aisle, and the largest boot in its category. Mago2, on the other hand, is Indcar's most iconic model, with a spectacular exterior design and an interior with high-class finishes.


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