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IVECO Spain will present a Wing built on the new Iveco Daily 70c21 chassis during a Road Show


The Road Show organized by Iveco aims to present its new Daily 70c21 chassis. In order to do this, Indcar will present its new Wing.

The event will be held from February 17 to March 17 in the main cities of Spain. The vehicle has been specially built for the occasion, and has all the improvements of the new Daily: a 210 hp more powerful engine, 8-speed automatic Hi-Matic gearbox, LED headlights, new dashboard with ergonomic steering wheel and electric parking brake. It is equipped with i30 + seats in synthetic leather, usb in all areas and refrigerator.

This is a Wing 8.5 version of 28 seats. This version can be configured with up to 30 seats or with 26 seats and a large boot of 4 cubic meters.

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Indcar reaches unit number 1000 of its Mobi range


Indcar celebrates in Romania the manufacture of the unit number 1000 of the Mobi range. Since its very beginning in 2013, Indcar Bus Industries specialized in the manufacture of Mobi models. The range has different vehicles, which cover school, urban and interurban solutions.

The Mobi range was born in 2013 as a response to the need to create a simple, high-quality, low-cost urban minibus for the operator. The first unit left the facilities from Romania in October of that same year. And since then 1000 units were manufactured.

The Mobi range has been growing year by year in sales, and has accounted for 65% of Indcar units in 2019. The latest success of this model is the award of the largest urban minibus contest, which Indcar has won by developing the new Mobi City L7 model, a shorter and class I version of the well-known Mobi City.

All models are built on Iveco Daily 70c18 chassis, 180 hp. The range consists of 4 different models, with more than 13 versions and many distributions. The unit number 1000 is a Mobi City L8, 8 meters long, with lowered rear suspension. The unit will go to the Italian market, more specifically to its capital, Rome. Romana Diesel and Cialone are the customers of this unit, out of which a very special delivery will be made in order to celebrate this milestone in the history of Indcar.

The reliability of the range is strengthened with these 1000 units built in less than 6 years. A range that has been growing year by year, adding different models, such as the City Low Entry, with lowered front and rear suspension, or the new gas engines that will be launched soon.

Indcar's commitment to this range has been supported throughout the European market. Countries as diverse as Greenland or Italy have Mobi units that move through their cities, demonstrating that it is a very versatile model that adapts to many different circumstances.

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The Mobi range arrives to Greenland


INDCAR renews its presence in the remote lands of Greenland with a new Mobi City. A vehicle adapted to the universal mobility needs of all peoples and cities, even in the most remote places on the planet. This first unit is part of a complete fleet renovation throughout the island. The delivered vehicle is a Mobi City 8.5, with a lowered suspension and ramp on the rear part. It is a very versatile vehicle for urban transport, ranging from 7 to 8.5 meters.

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The new LinkedIn channel of INDCAR


Indcar has launched a new communication channel for its customers and followers: LinkedIn. Within this platform news and information about the company, deliveries of its vehicles, curiosities and other information that may be useful for its customers and collaborators are being published. You can follow the page here:

In this way Indcar wants to enhance communication with all the mobility world actors, opening a new window for sharing knowledge and experiences.

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INDCAR collaborates on the first FECAV session


The session entitled “Tools for the transition towards a sustainable mobility and the role of the bus”, took place on the 26th of November in Barcelona.

The session gathered mobility experts, administration representatives and companies that operate within the sector. The session was structured in several blocks of debate tables where topics such as the infrastructure, new energy sources, new technologies and the challenges of the regular and discretionary transport of people were discussed.

Thus, Indcar consolidates its commitment to the new challenges of urban and discretionary mobility, as well as its strong commitment to sustainable energy and sustainable transport models.

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Autocares El Torero buys a new Wing from Indcar


The passenger transport company Autocares El Torero from Seville adds a new Wing to its fleet. El Torero is a company specialized in tourist routes and transfer services, present on the market for over 50 years.

Thus, El Torero expends its midi and mini range of vehicles with the recently launched Indcar Wing. Built on a new Iveco Daily chassis, the vehicle has a capacity for 30 seats + driver. It has a new 210 HP engine, a new, more stylish and ergonomic dashboard, 8-speed HI-MATIC automatic gearbox, CITY mode to improve city driving and an electric parking brake.

The new Wing had its interior styled with a new luggage rack head and a new, more modern individual air conditioning and lightening device.

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Indcar Bus Industries is visited by ProBus


Indcar Bus Industries is the second production plant of Indcar, based in Romania. There, the representatives of Indcar’s distributor in Germany, Probus, met the technical and production team of Indcar.

Indcar Bus Industries deals with the products of Mobi range of Indcar, highly specialized in school and urban transport vehicles. During the visit, ProBus representatives could solve some doubts regarding the new models and were trained in order to offer the best service for the German customers. The visit also served to define and supervise the production of the last vehicles acquired by KVG, one of the most important public transport company from Germany.

Indcar trains its distributors and official services. This way the constant changes and innovations of the vehicles are transferred to all distributors in Europe.

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Dani Mar buys a Next


The bus company based in Rubi (Barcelona) is specialized in discretionary and school transport. With a presence of over 50 years on the market, Autocares Dani Mar has a fleet that goes from 8 to 61 seats.

Now it adds to its midibuses range a Next of 37 seats. Dani Mar had relied on Indcar before and it also has a Mago 2 within its fleet.

The Next model purchased is the L8 version. It is built on a Mercedez-Benz Atego chassis. It has a capacity for 33 passengers, air conditioning, Telma electric brake and i40 model seats.

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It is a tender for the Regione Campania from Italy. There are 64 units of the new MOBI CITY L7 model that will be delivered during the next weeks. ACaMIR (Agenzia Campana Mobilità Infrstrutture e Reti) has been the organizer of the tender that has been won through our Iveco distributor in the area of Naples, Socom Nuova SRL.

The vehicles are built on an Iveco Daily 70c14 chassis, Euro VI. They have capacity for 44 passengers, 8 seated and 36 standing. They are equipped with Hi-Matic gearbox, urban seats, manual ramp, internal surveillance camera, backdoor camera, emergency light, and with the most modern Transport Intelligence (ITS) system that guarantees a high standard of safety on board.

The guarantee of the high quality of INDCAR’s vehicles and its high production capacity have been decisive for wining this tender.


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Brussels, the where the Busworld event was held for the first time, was the capital of the coach and bus industry in Europe. For 6 days, from October 18 to 23, visitors could see and find the first-hand news that INDCAR presented for 2020.

At the Busworld fair Indcar presented its first electric model: Strada e-City. A 100% electric vehicle that stands out above all for its autonomy: up to 16 uninterrupted hours.

Moreover, the new Mobi City L7 model was presented for the first time, a version of the already known Mobi City which is only 7 meters long, making it ideal for historic centres and narrow street neighbourhoods.

The range was completed at the exhibition by an 8.5-meters long Mobi, Low Entry version, a Wing built on the new Iveco Daily chassis, a Mago2 and a Next powered by DAF.

All the vehicles were well received by the visitors, highlighting the interest aroused by the electric model.


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